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ANCYL wants Gordhan gone

The ANCYL have called on President Zuma to fire Pravin Gordhan. They allege that Gordhan has been captured by capital and that he has failed to transform SAA.

Beyond the China Ivory Ban

The recent announcement by the central government of China to ban all domestic ivory trade and processing by the end of 2017 offers a glimmer of real optimism in the fight against elephant poaching.

Mastercard facing UK class-action suit worth billions

Mastercard is facing a class action lawsuit in the UK worth billions. If it goes to trial, it will be the biggest lawsuit of its kind in the UK.

Stricter visitor requirements hasn't hurt tourism - Gigaba

Home affairs minister has said that visitor numbers for the festive season proved that stricter entry requirements had not affected the tourism industry.

Outa calls for NEES response deadline extension

Outa asked government to extend the public response deadline to the DoE's new energy efficiency strategy to 90 days after the finalization of the IEP and IRP.

Youth League wants Gordhan gone

The African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) said Minister of Finance Pravin Gordhan must resign, after accusing him of failing to transform South African Airways (SAA).

ANC tells structures to refrain from succession talk

The National Working Committee (NWC) of the African National Congress (ANC) will not tolerate any succession debates from the structures of the governing party.

Ombudsman: Kuga victims must contact insurer first

The Short-term Insurance Ombudsman said its office would not look into any complaints if victims of negligence do not lodge complaints with their insurers first.

ANCYL wants Absa boycotted

The African National Congress Youth league (ANCYL) wants government to withdraw all its accounts from Absa, following accusations that the bank had benefited from an irregular bailout from the Apartheid government.

Consitutional Court Breakthrough for Animal Welfare

A new Concourt recognises the intrinsic value of animals and allows NSPCA to prosecute.

Chinese taking extraordinary steps to join the fight to save the elephants

China has traditionally been viewed as the villain in the elephant poaching crisis in Africa, being the world's biggest end-market for poached ivory, but it is taking moves to change its image.
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