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Pokemon GO Adventure Week: Reasons We’re Loving It

Pokemon GO Adventure Week – the latest Pokemon GO event, which features a bunch of bonuses – is in full swing. The Pokemon GO Aventure Week event was inspired by the amount of walking Trainers have been doing while playing Pokemon GO. As of May 11, the Pokemon GO community has traveled more than 15.8 […]

11 New Destiny 2 Features To Get Excited About

Destiny 2 has officially been unveiled, and when we say “unveiled”, we mean more than just a quick cinematic trailer. At the gameplay reveal that took place last week, Bungie, the mastermind behind the game, touched on all the new Destiny 2 features and mechanics that we can look forward to playing when the game […]

Some Of The Worst Gaming Moments In History

While gaming is pretty stable these days, things were not always as good as they seem. Throughout history, disaster has struck the industry over and over again, and we have recovered. Think of it as a catastrophe in gaming, that affected millions, or just had a severe impact on the gaming industry in general. We […]

The Gamification Of Slot Machines

Gamification is creeping more and more into our daily lives and is being increasingly adopted by businesses. Companies have come to realise the power of gamification to boost customer engagement and therefore sales in the long term. Gamification is essentially the process by which elements of games and game playing are built into systems or […]

4 Times Pokemon GO Got People Arrested

Some people fear that gaming and technology are dooming the world. With people being obsessed with their mobile devices thanks to social media and popular mobile games like Pokemon GO, some fear that we’ve become too dependent on our gadgets. But what many might not have predicted was that Pokemon GO could get you arrested. […]

5 Tips To Help You Stay Alive In Prey

Prey is a great game that combines many of our favourite genres in a brand new alien powered first person shooter. As with all games where dark, evil alienoid creatures are permanently trying to kill you – a little help never goes amiss. We put together our 5 top tips to help you stay alive […]

The Best May Games To Lookout For

May is here, which means that the gaming drought is looming on the horizon. After a few months of the best of the crop, May’s releases are far and few between, but that does not mean there will not be. RELATED: Four Fun Work Games To Play Sneakily Dreamfall Chapters – PS4, Xbox One Dreamfall Chapters […]

Soldiers Inc. Mobile Warfare: A Game Made For Mobile Domination

The year is 2037 and the world is at war. The planet is ravaged, and the only source of a precious lifesaving serum is deep in the dense jungle of the South American nation of Selva de Fuego. Exploiting this is the guerrilla Phoenix Industries, who are harbouring the elixir for themselves. The WSO (World […]

Heroes of the Storm 2.0 is LIVE

Heroes of the Storm has been a smash hit from Blizzard, with the MOBA going from strength to strength. There were, however, a wide range of grievances that fans have had around experiences and currencies that Blizzard has addressed with this massive overhaul. If you have lost interest in Heroes of the Storm (HOTS) then […]

Four Fun Work Games To Play Sneakily

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. If you can’t wait for the grind to finish before getting your gaming fix, then these work games are the easiest and safest way to get away with gaming at work. RELATED: The Reason Why Microsoft Created Solitaire Might Surprise You PAC-MAN This retro game is […]
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