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Programs To Boost PC Gaming Performance

While PC gaming, it is important that all your resources in your PC are dedicated to your game. RELATED: Logitech K400 Plus Keyboard: Move Your PC To Your TV Background tasks that use RAM, could be used to enhance your PC gaming quality, and programs running while you are trying to play a game, might interfere […]

Going Back To Hearthstone Was Easy

We have not played Hearthstone since its release back in 2013. Sure, we spent quite some time with the game at launch, but it was never a staple in our gaming day. After we saw the latest expansion pack release, The Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, we decided to give Hearthstone a second try. RELATED: Exploding Kittens […]

Resident Evil VII: Biohazard Everything You Need To Know

One of the scariest games of 2017 is around the corner. Resident Evil VII: Biohazard is releasing on 24 January and we cannot wait to sink our teeth into one of our most anticipated games of the year. With Resident Evil VII being so open with its story and characters, we thought we would give […]

Tips To Fill Up Your Pokemon GO Pokedex

Have you been trying to catch ’em all since the popular Pokemon GO mobile game launched last year? There are 142 Pokemon (excluding the baby Pokemon) to fill up your Pokemon GO Pokedex. We’ve got some tips on how to complete your Pokemon GO Pokedex and prepare for the possible next generation of Pokemon. RELATED: How To […]

Nintendo Switch Launches In March With Breath Of The Wild

During a live Nintendo Switch stream today, Nintendo announced the release date for its latest console. The Nintendo Switch will launch on 03 March 2017 alongside the much-anticipated The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The console will retail for $299, making it in direct competition to the PS4 Slim, and Xbox One S. […]

The Best PS4 Pro Games To Make Use Of 4K

You now have a PS4 Pro, or planning on getting one, but what are the best PS4 Pro games? It is a tough one to really nail down as dozens of titles have been patched to support PS4 Pro, but some better than others. Many of them also support HDR, which is High Dynamic Range […]

Pokemon GO Level 40: How Long Will It Take To Reach?

If, like us, you’ve been playing Pokemon GO non-stop since its launch, you might be aiming to level up. Pokemon GO level 40 seems to be the level to reach for, but progress after level 20 becomes ridiculously slow. RELATED: How To Use The Pokemon GO Apple Watch Version As An Exercise App After you reach […]

Play Pokemon GO, It’s Good For You

Whether video games are good or bad for you, has been a debate since people started playing them. Pokemon GO is the latest video game obsession. If you play Pokemon GO, you’ll know how addictively fun this new mobile game from Nintendo can be. Whether this is bad for your health, is not for us […]

Netflix Video Game: Relive Shows In 8-Bit Glory

After everyone basically demanded that there be an 8-bit Stranger Things video game, it seems only a naturally progression that there be a Netflix video game. RELATED: The Stranger Things 8-Bit Retro Version Is Awesome The popular online video streaming service has its own Netflix video game, in 8-bit retro glory. With the Netflix video game, […]

5 VR Games We Cannot Wait To play In 2017

We have waited very patiently for PS VR to land in our hands here in South Africa, and we really do not have that long to wait. The VR headset releases here on 24 January 2017 and along with it come tons of games. With the headset being available, it is important to keep in […]
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