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Would You Buy An Old Nokia 3310 For R20 000?

With the launch of the new Nokia 3310, there has been a serious spike in buying interest for the original model of this iconic mobile phone. Many fans have been searching for an old Nokia 3310 to own as a form of nostalgia, with some willing to fork out lots of money for the iconically tough mobile […]

BBM Launches Discovery TV – Commercial-Free Entertainment Anywhere

BBM announces the launch of yet another amazing new content offering for the South African market, found within the BBM Discover menu. DiscoverTV is a mobile streaming service that allows BBM users to watch a wide variety of award-winning short form shows, selected from a diverse range of mobile movies, channels, cartoons, and documentaries. RELATED: Soldiers Inc. […]

Ford Is Exploring The Use Of Bamboo In Its Cars

You’ve probably sat on it, built with it, and maybe even eaten it, but did you know that your car could be next to benefit from bamboo – one of the world’s strongest natural materials? While investment in research has led to breakthroughs in new materials like super strong carbon fiber and lightweight aluminum, nature’s […]

The New Acer Aspire, Swift, Switch Range: Which Is Best For You

At the Acer Global Press Conference last week, the company announced all its best notebooks and other cool gaming devices heading our way in 2017. RELATED: Acer Global Press Conference 2017: Everything We Loved Acer Aspire 7 | 5 – For The Gamer The Acer Aspire 7 might look a little clunky compared to the other sleek […]

Soldiers Inc. Mobile Warfare: A Game Made For Mobile Domination

The year is 2037 and the world is at war. The planet is ravaged, and the only source of a precious lifesaving serum is deep in the dense jungle of the South American nation of Selva de Fuego. Exploiting this is the guerrilla Phoenix Industries, who are harbouring the elixir for themselves. The WSO (World […]

LG G6 Review: Strong Smartphone Competitor

The LG G6 is a strong (in the physical and competitive sense) competitor to the current smartphones on the mobile market like the Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone 7. With its beautiful and innovative display, robust design, and cool camera capabilities, the LG G6 should seriously be considered if you’re looking for your next smartphone. […]

Acer Global Press Conference 2017: Everything We Loved

The annual Acer Global Press Conference kicked off yesterday in New York, and we were there to witness the announcements first hand. Acer proved once again that the company has the best interests of all gamers, tech lovers, and even fitness junkies at heart with its extensive range of products. There was even a little touch […]

Tamagotchi Is Another 90s Tech Making A Comeback

Just like Pokémon GO and the Nokia 3310, Tamagotchi is another 90s tech making a comeback. RELATED: Retro Tech That’s Become Redundant If you were a kid in the 90s (and some adults too) then you probably managed to convince your parents that getting one would teach you responsibility. These egg-shaped virtual pets were released in […]

Ford Smart Crib Simulates Driving To Put Your Baby To Sleep

Everyone who has a baby knows that putting the baby in a driving car is one of the easiest ways to have them calm down and go down for a nap. Enter the Ford smart crib in collabration with Ford of Spain and Espadaysantacruz Studio. RELATED: Autonomous Ford Fusion Hybrid Revealed The Ford smart crib is called […]

World Wide Web Inventor Says He Had Other Ideas For The Internet

The World Wide Web inventor, Sir Time Berners-Lee, has confessed that he had other ideas for the Internet when he invented it back in 1989. RELATED: Tips To Prevent Being Fooled By Fake News The World Wide Web inventor said that the Internet is being used for stuff like spying, hacking, and the spreading of “nasty, […]
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